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The source vector file for your logo

| Updated: Sep 1, 2020

The source

The source.

The source vector file is pretty much everything you will ever need, if you know what to do with it:

Ask for it!

Your designer should be able to deliver it, unless you paid for a plan that doesn’t include your logo in vector format.

Both an .AI extension and an .SVG file type are considered sources for your logo, depending on what software your designer used to create your logo: Adobe Illustrator or Inkscape.

If you get a .PSD file that means your designer used Photoshop, which is not a vector software and thus not suitable for logo design, but for image manipulation as the name suggests. Tough luck!

Don’t be fooled into thinking a .png or similar file types are the source vector file for your logo. Those are just exported formats which you can generate yourself using the actual source.

Using it

I will be exploring a few simple ways to use the source for practical applications in one of my next guides, hang tight!

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