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Pro bono crypto graphics

Monero Love Sticker

First batch

Here we are listing the initial graphics categories to be released for pro bono use in the crypto community, this month.

All will be downloadable for free in multiple formats and resolutions.

1 - Desktop Wallpapers

Beautify your local machines with crypto.

You might be bombarded with questions from your fiat friends, which is not a con in my book.

Usually released in 1920x1080 resolution, possibly SVG and transparent versions as well.

Can’t find your coin? Maybe we’ll get to it in the future or maybe they are not allowing modifications to their designs (which is odd and questionable, maybe you should reconsider the project?).

2 - Mobile Wallpapers

Use on both lock & home screen for increased efficiency.

Your significant other will agree that crypto backgrounds > better than anime screens.

Usually downloadable in 1080x1920.

3 - Stickers

The back of your laptop will thank you.

Be creative and use them to showcase crypto wherever you go.

Usually downloadable in 1920x1080, 800x800 transparent and vector (SVG).

4 - Logo Packs

Easily find the resolution you need for the coin you like, all in one place.

Usually downloadable in vector (SVG) and also in multiple resolutions (archive).

Full speed ahead

Initialy deploy is scheduled for the end of this month.

More to come, based on your feedback, our work load and the will of the gods!

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