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Norderly Manifesto

A specter is haunting the modern world, the specter of crypto anarchy.


Free, open source software.

Without this we probably wouldn’t have any cryptocurrencies.


Cryptography and encryption are crucial for you and I, in a world where individual privacy is dying every day.

Cryptocurrencies should at least be part of the solution, if we decide to use them for good (not for mass surveillance).


If people don’t use it, it’s useless – regardless of potential.

There’s no magic formula for adoption.

Tech is improving constantly each year but, unfortunately, most people only look at price.


From a macro view, one has got two choices really:

– wait

– engage

It’s OK to wait for things to happen and then maybe consider joining the action.

We chose to engage and build something for the community.

Utilitarian Art

When it comes to graphics, the current state of things surrounding most crypto (and generally open-source) projects is awful.

Design, branding, user experience and GUIs – we can definitely do a lot better.


Time is a finite and precious resource, so spending it wisely is paramount.

Pro bono publico is our gift of time for this community.

Use it for good.


If you’re an artist, designer, writer, translator, anything remotely creative – get in touch and let’s work together.

And if you happen to think you can’t help, you’re wrong: use our work! Change your wallpaper, print some flyers, sell some shirts with our graphics. That’s the reason this website exists in the first place.

That way you help raise awareness and do your part in the adoption battle. Baby steps.

Arise, you have nothing to lose but your barbed wire fences!

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