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Exporting your logo in 4K

| Updated: Oct 9, 2020

Inkscape logo resizing

The issue

Let’s assume your designer only shipped the logo source vector and a couple of standard resolutions, that’s all.

A few months go by and now you really need a 4K version of your logo with a solid background color for whatever reason.

What can you do besides turning to your designer?

It’s not hard

All you need is:


Assuming you’re not on any Linux distro, you probably don’t have the software installed. Go ahead and grab a free copy from the official Inkscape website and install it.

Open up your logo’s source vector file .AI or .SVG in Inkscape by either right clicking on the file and selecting Inkscape or by opening Inkscape and going to File > Open > Select your source.

You might get a pop-up window like the one below. It should be safe to click OK without any changes.


The magic

Let’s export that 4K resolution now!

  1. Click on File > Document Properties or hit Shift+Ctrl+D.

  2. In the Width field enter 3840 and in the Height field enter 2160. Make sure the Units field is set to px. Close the window.

  3. Zoom out a bit to see the full document by holding the Ctrl key and scrolling down until the canvas fits the viewport.

  4. Hold the Space bar and move the mouse left or right until you can see the box borders.

  5. If the black cursor/arrow Select and transform objects tool is not selected then click on F1 to do so. Now left click once on the background of your logo (not on the logo itself) in order to select that only.

  6. With the background selected you can click inside the W: box on top and enter 3840 and then click in the H: box next to it and enter 2160. This will make the background fill the entire canvas.

  7. Now you can click on any part of your logo to select it. Click on the small yellow/gold lock and then fill the W: box with a decent size like 1200. The H: height box will be automatically populated to preserve scale.

  8. Open Object > Align and Distribute or hold Shift+Ctrl+A and under the Align section click on both Center on vertical axis and Center on horizontal axis. This will center the logo. Close the box.

  9. Click on File > Export PNG Image or press Shift+Ctrl+E and if the resolution & file name looks right just click on Export.

You’re a designer

Congratulations! You have now exported your logo in a 4K resolution from your source vector file using an open source software. I’d say that’s pretty cool assuming you were a non-technical person :)

Need assistance?

Send a quick email to Kyra (email on the support page). Maybe we can help!

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