Sats over cents, pricing in crypto only

Updated: Jan 25, 2020

~ 1 min read

The leap

What if every merchant that accepts crypto payments for services and goods starts displaying prices in crypto only?


Pricing in fiat plus the equivalent in crypto is default for many websites.

What I’m proposing is pricing in crypto with no equivalent in fiat. Only (rare) manual changes might be necessary – ie. if there’s a huge rally you can’t expect people to overpay 20x.

By taking the leap you are essentially boosting trust in the crypto community and setting an example.

Getting hit

Unavoidably you will take some hits from the volatile markets (if you have to cashout to fiat) but it might still be worth it, in the long run.

Back to reality

Realistically you can expect under 1% to adopt this kind of model in their main business. This is just a fact.


Regardless, we’ve decided to implement this pricing structure on Norderly. Hope this inspires some people to do the same and also maybe realize that not everyone is in it for the lambos. Statement.