Modurist contributions to Norderly

~ 1 min read


This fresh blood pumped into Nordery suggests a good year ahead!

We are motivated to help the crypto community more than ever right now.


Our friends, the number one esports logo design website is now our main partner and has contributed both email servers for and also pledged on-going pro bono publico professional design services for everyone to use in 2020. Thank you!

Check out the team’s stunning portfolio here: Modurist Design

And yes, of course they accept crypto!

You can help too

We have big plans and can’t accomplish any without your precious time, skills, bits, ideas and support.


If you can’t offer anything, you can still do something: use the Norderly/Modurist pro bono graphics on your phone, laptop, bumper, apparel, anywhere really!

This might be the best help you can give by spreading the word and raising awareness over the entire crypto community, decentralization, privacy & security issues and also our peculiar artistic skills. :)