A quick overview of our workflow

Updated: Oct 13, 2019

~ 1 min read
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Our design process is very simple and efficient. Here’s a quick overview of what to expect when working with Norderly.

#1 Collecting the design brief

First of all we start collecting information about your project via email or website form.

Some data we might be interested in:

  • - specificity (how specific are your design ideas, if any)
  • - design type/style (symbol/icon/mascot/font-based designs)
  • - brand color scheme (preferred or pre-existing color scheme that should be present in the final design)

As soon as we have enough design specifications, you will receive a crypto address where you can complete payment.

#2 Moving your project in our work queue

As soon as your payment is finalized, we send you an email with an ETA for the original design delivery. It doesn’t include potential iterations, obviously.

Depending on the total number of projects in our queue at that time, that might be anywhere from 24 to 72 business hours.

#3 Your feedback and iterations

You’ve just received the original design concept(s). It’s finalized but if you’re not fully satisfied you can ask for modifications at this stage in the process.

#4 Final files and extra graphics

We’ve settled on the final version of your design and now it’s time to send you all the files (resolutions, extensions, color schemes) that you require.

If you’ve also payed for extras such as brochures, infographics or social media graphics - now it’s time to discuss those and repeat the process basically.

#5 Using long-term support and being a return client

The Norderly design plans include 12 months of Support. That means you can backup all your files (if disaster strikes) and even ask for extra files (resolutions, file types) for your old projects. It doesn’t cost anything extra.

Coming back for more custom graphics will probably mean you can use a return-client discount that’s usually around 10% on your order total.


That’s just a quick overview of our workflow. Looking forward to working with you whenever you’re ready!